At eLink Web Design we create smart, functional and affordable web sites and internet/intranet based applications (web-based applications) to help you achieve your business' goals.

We provide you with a 1-3 hours consultation session, free of charge. We first help you determine whether or not your business can benefit from the internet. We will help you find ideas for your web site or web-based application for your business. We will help you evaluate what benefits each of these ideas give your business.

We then give you an estimate within 2 business days from the time of your final consultation.

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eLink Web Design Packages


We have several packages that suit different needs. If none of these packages suit your needs, we are more than happy to make a custom package for you.

Package Description *Price Starts at
Business Card Site This is the simplest web page we create. It consists of the same information that you would normally have on your business card. Its purpose is for people to find your contact information in case they know your business name, but don't have your business card.


Basic Site This package will include one page with information about your products and/or services. It includes up to 3 graphics (provided by you). With such a web site, your customers can find out more information about your business.


Menu Driven Site This package is for businesses that need to include structured information about their business. It includes a menu with up to 4 options. Each option will take the user to a different page on the site. Also included is up to 4 graphics (provided by you). CAD$100

eLink Web Design Add-ons


To any of the above packages you can add these add-ons or you can make your own custom package.

Item *Price Starts at Notes

Graphic Text



Includes scanning and adjusting.

HTML PageCAD$20.00

Text is provided electronically by you.


Per option.


Per field.

Forms ProgrammingCAD$50.00

This can be used to allow your customers to fill orders on-line. Then you can receive the order through your email.

CataloguesCAD$20.00Per catalogue item (product data and pictures electronically provided by you). Add a shopping cart for CAD$5/item. Add online payments processing for CAD$5/item.**
Client Database and LoginCAD$50.00 This option allows you to keep track of your clients. It is especially useful if you have a catalogue or shopping cart.
FlyersCAD$10.00Per page (including picture provided by you). CAD$10.00 per item to add details about items displayed when mouse goes over item or popup window when clicked.
Search Engine SubmissionsCAD$50.00

This will enable your site to be found, when your customers or potential customers search for products or services that you provide using different search engines.

** Cost of online payment processing may vary depending on which payment processing service provider you prefer. Some payment processing service providers require a merchant account and some don't.

Need other items in your web site, ASK US.

eLink Web Design Maintenance Service


We also provide web site maintenance services starting at CAD$5/month, including :

Other Expenses


Once we design and develop your web site, we have to put your web site on the internet. To do this there are two items, that we can take care of for you, or if you prefer you can take care of yourself.

Getting your

One of the decisions that you need to make is to choose a web site name that is currently available. A yearly fee needs to be paid to a domain name provider so that you can use this name. Prices for domain names range from about CAD$20 and up (per year). There are also other associated services that can add to this cost.


Another task is to get the space on the internet where you will host your web site. Depending on what type of web site and how big it is, you may need different packages. Hosting packages range from CAD$10/month and up.

Web-based Applications


We also design and develop web-based applications to help you do what you need done at the office without having to be at the office, but by just having internet access. The cost of this service is variable and will depend on the complexity and size of what needs to be done. If you give us a call, we will give you a quote within 2 business days after we have an understanding of what your needs are.

*All quoted prices are subject to change without notice.